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The Sport and Social Club CBRM (SSCC) is a non-profit run by volunteers with a dream of making it easier for adults (19+) to build connections, find friends, and get active. Sports and social activities are important to the fabric of our community, but unless you’re part of a competitive league or have an informal group of people to play with, it can be difficult to find things to do and friends to do them with. From the beginning, the SSCC has intended to be a place that takes down barriers and brings people together through welcoming, fun-first, co-ed sports and events.


Get Ready for FuN

SSCC believes that sport should be for everyone, adults included. We set out to offer activities that are enjoyable for all our participants, so we encourage fun-first playing rather than killer competitive spirits. Regardless of whether you show up on your own or with friends, have skills and experience in a sport or want to check out something brand new, SSCC is committed to creating an amazing experience every night.

SSCC is open to (and encourages participation from!) any and all genders, fitness levels, and skill levels.

Want to partner? Have a sport or event idea you wish we would offer? SSCC is also always open to new ideas and community partnerships. The best way to make your idea happen is to join one of our events, see what we are all about, and start a conversation with one of our board members!

Who we are

SSCC Board

SSCC was the brainchild of William Roy, a casual sports enthusiast who felt at a loss when he moved to Cape Breton and couldn’t find an easy way to break into adult sport. When he realized the opportunity this presented, he gathered a group of like-minded people to create a sport and social club similar to what’s offered in the big cities, but better. These are the people who are making the SSCC dream a reality!

William Roy

Board President

Will is the man with the ideas. After creating a business plan for a sport and social club during his MBA in CED, he realized it was an idea that needed to transform into reality. Through sheer strength of will (ha), he pulled together a team that would be able to make SSCC a lasting addition to CBRM.

Erin Flynn


Erin, also known as Coach, is SSCC’s unofficial official CEO (or, as the board president says, Chief Everything Officer). When she’s not trying out new sports, she acts as the copywriter, social media marketer, webmaster, event planner, and general doer of practical things for SSCC.

shaowei xu

Vice President

Shaowei has been trying to take over Sydney since he moved here because he loves Cape Breton so much. He’s our resident business guru, expert frisbee tosser, and genuinely enthusiastic supporter of all things SSCC.  

Mireyne Macmillan


Mireyne has brought her infectious positivity to SSCC from the very start. You always know when she’s playing or running an event from her laugh. She embodies the friendly spirit of SSCC (plus, she invented the potato throw!).

Fay Xu


Fay was new to sport and to many of SSCC’s activities when she moved to Cape Breton, but now she’s a pro at all of them. She’s also got a clever brain for numbers and is enthusiastically whipping SSCC finances into shape.

McKenzie Edwards

McKenzie brings a keen business sense and plenty of experience in the for-profit sector to the board. He’s been coming to sports since he still had flowing pandemic locks. He is also the director of snacks.

Alex Parilla Guzman

Alex was SSCC’s first employee and she was such a great addition to the team that she stayed on as a board member after her contract ended! She eagerly helps out with any aspect of SSCC operations that she can.

Dave Lewis

Dave was a staunch SSCC supporter from his first game. He joined the board to get even more involved and make sure SSCC is so great that no one in Sydney feels the need to cross the causeway to find fun, friendship, or sport.

Abdoul Alwatan

Abdoul may be quiet, but it’s a quiet passion for all the things SSCC offers, from sport to the opportunity to build friendships. He’s an avid soccer and futsal enthusiast, but he’s willing to help with anything SSCC throws at him.

Yolanda Ferrato

Yolanda brings a background in arts, theatre, and grant management to the SSCC board. She’s excited about ramping up the social side of things and is full of fun ideas for events and activities for less sporty SSCCers.

Shashwat Trivedi

Shashwat is a wizard of marketing, comms, and social media. He’s got plans to use that magic to grow SSCC large enough for world domination! Or at least for becoming Cape Breton’s top adult sport and recreation group.

Paula Jacobs

Paula has all the CBRM connections from her day job in the Recreation department. She provides all sorts of useful planning and implementation support and is quickly becoming one of our top basketball fans.

Past Board Members

These gems helped us to make the Sport and Social Club the awesome organization is it now!

Chelsea Currie2021-2022

Eric Lee2021-2022

Julia Halfyard 2022-2023