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Sports And Rules

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Sscc rules of play

SSCC Representatives

There will be one or more representatives from the SSCC at every event. These representatives are there to ensure the game runs smoothly and to provide support to the players. 

The SSCC representative acts as the onsite facility liaison.

  • Responsibilities as a facility liaison include letting people into the facility when required, setting up/taking down equipment (e.g. nets, fields, providing balls/frisbees/etc.), starting and timing play, and keeping score when relevant.
  • SSCC representatives can clarify rules and may intervene; however, it is expected that players demonstrate good sportsmanship and call their own fouls while also actively contributing to a positive sporting environment.


Players participating in sports hosted by the SSCC are expected to contribute to an inclusive, fun-first sports atmosphere. Games are intended to be recreational and enjoyable for players (19+) of different demographics, skill levels, and experience levels. 

  • SSCC players are responsible for calling their own fouls and rule violations in all games, whether or not a SSCC representative is present. Players should be considerate of other players’ game experience beyond just following the letter of the rule.
    • For example, if someone is injured on the field during the course of play, it would be expected that play temporarily stops to ensure player safety, regardless of whether anyone is at fault or a foul occurred.
  • SSCC staff reserve the right to warn or remove players from play and from the facility if the players are contributing to an unwelcoming environment. Examples of actions that will result in your removal from play include but are not limited to: using slurs of any kind; swearing directly at another person; shoving, pushing, or making aggressive physical contact with another individual; instigating or retaliating in an altercation or confrontation; or displaying other disrespectful or threatening behaviours.
  • If you believe another participant is violating the spirit of these rules, please tell an SSCC representative rather than directly confronting the other participant.
  • Inclusivity and Sportsmanship: Part of creating an inclusive and fun-first atmosphere is allowing all players to participate fully. This means that players are expected to include all members of their team, regardless of skill level. SSCC encourages non-selfish play (e.g. passing to all teammates).  

Gender Equitable Playing Experience

Of the 5 players each team has on the field, there must not be more than 3 players of a certain gender (not including the goalie). For example, a team could have 3 people who identify as male on the field and 2 who identify as female. 

  • The SSCC encourages participation by people of any gender identity or expression.
  • Note: this description is for five-on-five games, but similar rules apply to sports with different numbers of players on the field.

Arriving at Facilities

Players should arrive at the facility or playing field in the 15 minutes prior to the scheduled event time to allow full use of the scheduled playing time. For example, players would arrive at a 7:30PM-8:45PM game time between 7:15-7:30PM so the scheduled game time can include a 5-minute warm up, two 30-minute halves, a 5-minute half time, and a 5-minute cool down post game.

  • When players arrive at an indoor facility, the doors may be locked. If they are, an SSCC representative will let players in. Additional instructions for contacting an SSCC representative may be posted on the doors (e.g. contact phone number to call for access).

All SSCC players are expected to be respectful of the facilities and follow the guidance of any SSCC representative. 

  • The use of alcohol or other drugs is strictly prohibited by SSCC at any facility.
  • Please clean up after yourselves and treat the facilities with respect.
  • Please remember to restrict your presence inside schools to the playing area, washrooms, and a reasonable path between the gymnasium and exits. 
  • Never prop open doors to the exterior of an indoor facility.
  • Please be respectful of staff and other facility operators or caretakers.

Player Equipment

Players are expected to bring certain equipment to participate in SSCC scheduled activities, including:

  • Clean, non-marking indoor shoes for indoor sports or appropriate running shoes or cleats for outdoor sports.
  • One dark shirt (preferably black) AND one light-coloured shirt (white or non-dark coloured) to allow the creation of teams for each night’s activities. 

Note: Shared equipment (nets, balls, goalie gloves, etc.) will be provided by SSCC.

Cancellations and Rainouts

If a game is cancelled, notice will be posted on the SSCC Facebook page and/or Instagram page. Cancellations for rainouts will be decided on the day of the game, likely within an hour before the start of the game. Cancellations for other reasons (e.g. holidays, facility issues) will be posted as soon as SSCC is aware of the need to cancel.

Outdoor games will normally be played regardless of weather. Rainouts/cancellations due to weather will come into effect if there is lightning, if there is an excessive amount of rain or the potential to damage the fields because of the weather, or if there are any other safety concerns due to weather.

When possible, games that are cancelled will be made up after the regular season. SSCC will provide an updated list of game dates/times as required.

COVID-19 Rules

As of October 4, 2021 (tentative start date of Phase 5 of Nova Scotia’s Reopening Plan), all players will need to provide proof of full vaccination.

Starting 4 October 2021, you need proof of full vaccination to participate in discretionary, recreational and non-essential activities (like dining out, going to a fitness facility or going to a movie, theatre performance, concert or sporting event). Proof of vaccination isn’t required for children 11 and younger (they can attend activities with a fully vaccinated adult). People will be considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by the World Health Organization or the 1-dose Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Nova Scotia: Phase 5 reopening. (3 Sept 2021)

All players must confirm they comply with public health regulations when they arrive at an SSCC sport or event. 

Access to indoor facilities is limited to players participating in the sport (no spectators allowed).

Hand sanitizer will be available onsite and all SSCC equipment will be sanitized between games. 

Masks must be worn in indoor facilities except during play. 

League Play

Merit Points

To help ensure sportsmanship in SSCC league play, teams will award points to their opposing team at the end of each game to rank their sportsmanship. Team captains will be responsible for telling an SSCC representative at the end of the game what merit points they are awarding to the opposing team.

There are three point options:

  • +1 means that the team (a) played with a good overall attitude and focused on playing a fun-first game and (b) made a good effort to follow SSCC rules and call their own fouls.
  • 0 means that the team was neither good nor bad, either because they were only okay in (a) and (b) or they were good in one category but bad in the other.
  • -1 means that the team played too intensely, was overly aggressive, did not follow rules or appropriately call their own fouls, or otherwise did not demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Note: teams must provide an appropriate justification any time they give an opposing team a score of -1. The justification will be deemed acceptable or not and recorded by an SSCC representative. 

Team Captains

Each team will assign one person to be their team captain. Team captains will be responsible for: 

  • Ensuring their team understands the rules of play and that all players have signed a waiver form,
  • Facilitating communication between their team and SSCC,
  • Participating in a pre-game meeting with the SSCC representative and opposing team’s captain to determine starting possession, and
  • Reporting merit points.


  • Teams are responsible for finding their own subs and ensuring they have enough players to play each game. 
  • Anyone who is 19+ can act as a sub, as long as they sign a waiver form and understand the rules of play.
  • SSCC will maintain a list of subs if possible. If a team cannot find subs on their own, they can ask SSCC to contact someone from the sub list. Anyone can join the sub list by contacting Subs will not be charged to play and players may sub for other teams within their own league, as long as their own team is not already scheduled to play at the same time.

For clarification of the rules, please contact an SSCC representative.